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Wall Street Meltdown… February 13, 2008

Posted by Bill in video.

Over the holidays a friend of mine bought a new iMac, got creative, and went crazy. Here is his account and his subsequent video….

“After being a life-long PC user (and quietly disturbed by the implications of association with the PC guy), the Mac world seemed very new and exciting, though with a steep learning curve. I figured the best way to get to know the new software was with a project, so I acted on an idea for a parody based on the crisis on Wall Street this last year (yes, while a banker in my day job, I’m a frustrated comedian at heart). I created a video and posted it to YouTube. It has gained popularity rather rapidly and has been featured by NYT DealBook and over a dozen other blogs and media outlets.

Wall Street Meltdown chronicles the bizarre events as they unfolded in the deal market in 2007: from the raging M&A and private equity markets of the first half to the whole subprime/CDO disaster that has caused such a deep crisis on the street. I posted the video under a pseudonym (Lady McDuff is the name of my yellow lab).”

I hope you enjoy.