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I want to be a TECH STAR… June 15, 2010

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from LMcDuff08 — June 14, 2010 — “After last year’s appropriately dour Mad Avenue Blues, I felt we needed a more upbeat song. The result is Tech Star. Sung to the tune of Nickelback’s “Rockstar” this video takes a famous song and adapts it for tech start-ups. I am particularly appreciative of the tremendous enthusiasm shown by the various industry leaders who participated in the video. Your sense of humor will serve you well.”


Shift Happens… November 3, 2008

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This is an incredibly thought-provoking video… interested if this excites or scares you– let me know.

Wall Street Meltdown… February 13, 2008

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Over the holidays a friend of mine bought a new iMac, got creative, and went crazy. Here is his account and his subsequent video….

“After being a life-long PC user (and quietly disturbed by the implications of association with the PC guy), the Mac world seemed very new and exciting, though with a steep learning curve. I figured the best way to get to know the new software was with a project, so I acted on an idea for a parody based on the crisis on Wall Street this last year (yes, while a banker in my day job, I’m a frustrated comedian at heart). I created a video and posted it to YouTube. It has gained popularity rather rapidly and has been featured by NYT DealBook and over a dozen other blogs and media outlets.

Wall Street Meltdown chronicles the bizarre events as they unfolded in the deal market in 2007: from the raging M&A and private equity markets of the first half to the whole subprime/CDO disaster that has caused such a deep crisis on the street. I posted the video under a pseudonym (Lady McDuff is the name of my yellow lab).”

I hope you enjoy.

Web 3.0– Predictions for 2008 (Part I) January 4, 2008

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1. Ad Networks need to go deep to strive. Ad Networks need to offer true differentiation and add unique value. I predict the untargeted or performance-based ad networks lose ground to the portals who are building their own ad networks, and to vertical ad networks and data/ behavioral ad networks who are building a defensible deep expertise.

2. Local & SMB market get to critical mass for a handful of players and the search engines pay attention to them. Its about time…

3. Video continues to not have a standard ad unit, but continues to take huge mindshare within brand departments, ad agencies, brand publishers and portals… and amongst the press, who loves to talk about the broadcast dollars shifting.

4. Mobile explodes. Similar to the social networks in 2007, huge amounts of venture capital will pour into this market without a material focus on established revenue streams.

5. Ad Exchanges go mainstream…!!!

More to come in Part II…

MySpace proposed to Photobucket… they’re Engaged?!? May 7, 2007

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Hot off the rumorville… these two have been compared to a young couple dating– get together, fall in love, they have a big fight, brake up, he buys her flowers.. they kiss and make up, get back together, etc, etc…

Well, supposedly MySpace popped the question and bought a quarter billion dollar engagement ring!

Congrats to all (if true). A good friend and great sales executive is over there and I hope for him and his family the rumored marriage proposal is true…