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The Cat is Out of the Bag… February 19, 2007

Posted by Bill in online marketing, Press Mentions, Search Marketing.

The below article appeared in MediaPost’s Online Media Daily today.  While words in these articles can be twisted and interpreted many different ways, in the end I have a lot of respect for Did-it as a business, I am confident in their future prospects, and the employees over there are great and remain close to my heart.  I am proud of what we were able to accomplish while I was CEO, and I will continue to cheer for them from the sidelines.   

Did-It CEO Resigns
BILL WISE, CEO OF SEARCH engine marketing firm Did-It, has resigned following a disagreement about the direction of the company.

Wise, who has worked with Did-It since January 2005 after being hired away from Ask Jeeves’ sales department, said his departure stemmed from a fundamental disagreement about the direction of the company. “I wanted to take the company in one direction. As CEO, and as a guy who really, really helped scale and create the brand that it has in the marketplace, that’s what I wanted to do,” said Wise, whose last day of work was Feb. 7. “We parted amicably.”

Kevin Lee, the company’s executive chairman, who held the CEO spot before Wise, agreed the exit stemmed from a difference of opinion about long-term strategy. “We talked about the direction of the company, and decided that where we want to take the company is not the best fit, so he’s going to be moving on to other endeavors,” Lee said. “It’s just really a matter of prioritization of different things.”

Did-It co-founder Dave Pasternack will take over most of Wise’s duties until a new CEO is hired.



1. David Rodecker - February 20, 2007

Bill, Sorry to hear about the difference of opinion. Perhaps it is unrelated, but it is an ironic timing considering all the fuss about Dave Pasternack going on. It would be quite the story if you joined up with an SEO firm.

Best of luck,
David Rodecker

2. David Singh - February 20, 2007

Sorry to hear about what happened, I know we’ve had our differences in the past but I have no hard feelings, good luck in your future endeavorers

3. Terence Kawaja - February 21, 2007

Did-it is a great company and Kevin and Dave will be fine. Bill is a great leader and he will be fine. Good luck to all of you.

4. J Frankel - February 22, 2007

Hey Bill…just read the news, best of luck going forward..stay in touch

5. Craig Wood - February 22, 2007

Bill, Good luck in your next venture. Keep us posted.

6. Ian D'Giff, SEo Copywriter - February 26, 2007

Keep us posted on your moves, Mr. Wise, Best of luck to you.

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